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LuxLife Wellness

At LuxLife Wellness, we are dedicated to providing transformative experiences that celebrate ancient African culture, spirituality, history, and medicine. Immerse yourself in our healing treatments and services that will help you achieve a balanced lifestyle. Additionally, we offer customized travel packages to explore the roots of our African ancestors and enhance your spiritual journey.

The Point of Return

Yourbaland, Our Ancestral Return

Embark on a life affirming adventure to the Motherland where the foundation of our heritage was born.


Prepare for an extraordinary holistic adventure as we explore Nigeria from ancient and modern-day perspectives. The journey begins April 18, 2024 through April 27, 2024, a 10-day, 9-night awakening, healing, and reconnecting experience that will transform your life leaving you with lifelong memories. 


Adventure’s Cost:

$5,500 all inclusive

The Package Includes:

·       Roundtrip airfare from/to Atlanta, GA, Delta Airlines

·       Premium Accommodations, Single Occupancy and Ocean View

·       Daily Meals

·       Ground Transportation

·    Unforgettable Tours and Excursions: Immerse yourself in the heart of Nigeria with visits to ancient cities – ILE IFE, Osogbo, and Abeokuta, bask in Nigeria’s lush ecosystem by touring Lekki Conservation Center, and Olumo Rock, and embrace the depth of where it all began Badagry Point of No Return. Experience Nigerian royalty with a private excursion to the King’s Palace where you will dine with the King and His family, and while there participate in a prayer and offering ceremony.

·       Adventurous Activities: Experience the superb of Nigeria’s arts and culture, nightlife, local dining, and shopping.

·       Private Holistic Services: Spiritual Readings, Messages from the Ancestors, and Energy Healing 

·       Classes & Lectures: Kemetic Yoga, Orisa Dance, Nigerian Culinary Classes, and LuxLife 

·       Participate in custom Ceremonies and Rituals

·       Special Welcome to Nigeria and Homeward Bound Celebrations 

·       Receive a luxurious Welcome Package.


The Ancestors speak, “They told us we would never see the shores of our homeland again. But we do see, through the eyes and the hearts of our descendants. Ase O!”


Answer the call of our ancestors and embark on the journey of a lifetime.

Nigeria – Yorubaland – Point of Return, Advance.


AWAKEN – HEAL – RECONNECT to Your Indigenous Roots



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